Monday, January 17, 2011

A Day Out with Hounds

I grew up riding and still love it. I rode jumpers and went to shows all through high school and college. Then in law school I got interested in fox hunting. It's a little different in California than in Virginia or the East. We mostly have coyote and wild pig. They run very fast and not in smaller circles the way foxes do. My whole family rides. In fact, my parents are the joint Masters of Foxhounds at our pack here and my sister is a whipper in. I used to whip before I had kids. My husband rides as well but not often since our two boys dont ride and he had back surgury a year ago. My daughter C is 7 and has been coming out on her pony since she was 3. This likely her last year on this pony as she is getting really tall. She has gone from being on the lead line and just walking to riding full out and keeping up with the second field. This pony can't really jump high enough for her to join the first field. Anyway here are some of the components needed for a great day out.

One darling daughter with perfect pony!
One happy huntsman!

One super sister!

Second shot of darling daughter, now all ready to go!

Finally, add a cup of courage, one of my Christmas presents was this new sterling silver cup. I has my name on the back and makes sipping port all the more enjoyable.
We had a great day, hounds worked really well and we saw two big coyotes and gave a spirted chase before they just out ran us. Tally Ho!


  1. Nice pictures! I have been thinking of horse riding lessons for my daughter when she gets older. I've never been around horses growing up but I want that experience for her. Plus it's just such a preppy sport :)

  2. looks like soo much fun. Your daughter is going to grow up and be such a great horsewoman.