Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's in your wallet? I mean purse?

I've seen a bunch of posts recently about purses people carry and what they carry in them. I thought I'd join the party and share too. First off, the purse itself is a green leather tote. I bought it at a small shop near my office in downtown San Francisco. It's not a brand I have ever heard of but I love the color. The there is my bright pink planner. I'm a write it down kind of person. Yes, I also carry a blackberry and a smart phone but I am lost without my planner. There there is the small blue wallet. Another no name but pretty color item. The little red bag has a powder compact and lipgloss in it. I also always have the inhaler. The yellow Lilly Pulitzer sun glass case holds sun glasses from Target. I am always losing sun glasses so I don't spend a lot of money to buy them. During the winter an umbrella is a requirement, especially on my commute since often it is raining on one end or the other but not both. Keys, obviously. Finally yes that is both a blackberry and a droid cell phone. I work for a bank. We are required to use their devices for work. The droid is my personal device. I think that sums it up. There is also the black camera case. So, what's in your wallet?

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