Sunday, January 2, 2011

Do you have a "stack"?

I was out with my sister the other night and she looked at my wrist and said "I like your stack". I had to look and see what she was talking about. She meant the assortment of bracelets and the watch I wear. She had one too but it was different and meant different things. We started looking around and realized that everyone has a "stack". So here is a picture of mine. The gold watch was a present from my Mom and Dad when I turned 21. The gold and white knot bangle is Lilly Pulitzer and was a present from a Junior League committee I chaired almost 10 years ago, the brown pearl bracelet I made because I liked it and the gold horse bit bracelet was a gift from my parents in high school when I won a big champoinship at a horsehow. What's in your stack? Send me a picture and I will post as many as I can!

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