Monday, January 3, 2011

Hunter Wellies - Just the best!

I just wanted to post about how much I love my new Hunter wellies. I've had rubber ain boots for several years and do have a pair of burberry plaid ones that I totally love. However, I have been hankering for a pair of the real deal and my lovely Nana gave me a pair for Christmas. They are the traditional green wellies and they are perfect. We had a very wet, soggy holiday period here in the bay area and they have certainly gotten plenty of use. Nana also gave me a great pair of red fleece wellie socks which are so cosy! They really are perfect and will be getting a lot of use this winter if the weather keeps on as it has been. The only trouble is, they are so cute I almost hate to get them direty! I wore them out to the barn this weekend and had a hard time getting out of the car because I didn't want to get them direty! Of course I did and the mud came right off with a good hosing.


  1. Aren't they wonderful, I have two pairs and I've been debating getting a short pair for the barn

  2. I love my lavender ones! I know you look fabulous!

  3. Yeah, lucky you can just rinse them off and they will look like new! Enjoy!!